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7 Creative Ways to Use Lime Cordial in Your Cocktails

Lime Cordial

Lime is the key ingredient in so many cocktails, providing a zesty kick that livens up a whole manner of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Not to be confused with syrup, a lime cordial is a concentrated syrup that mixes lime, sugar, and water. Lime cordial is a sharper beverage in comparison to its syrupy counterpart, but while many cocktails have lime zest, juice, or syrup, it’s time to add some lime cordial to cocktails. If you’re looking for a great lime cordial cocktail recipe, let’s show you 7 creative ways to incorporate lime cordial to boost, flavour, and improve many staples.

In a Margarita

We’ve got to start here because when you look at the top-tier cocktails like the gin gimlet and daiquiri, there’s only one other that matches these two for sheer limey-ness! A margarita is one of the more classic sour cocktails of all time, and the citrus aspect is critical to its flavour. When you’re looking for lime cordial for cocktails you’ve got to make sure that it accents the sourness rather than the sweetness, so swap out the lime juice for lime cordial and you’ve got a zingyness with a little bit more sweetness.

Upgrade Your Mojito

Rather than using syrup in your mojito, forgo tradition for a dash of zestiness. Rum, mint, sparkling water, lime juice, and sugar all go together to make a great mojito, but swap the sugar and lime juice for lime cordial, making for a sweet but slightly spicy cocktail. Many people cook with lime zest as a way to increase the spiciness in natural ways, you can do the same with your mojito!

Swap Out Lemon for Lime!

If you are looking for something a little different, there are many classic lemon-flavoured cocktails like the whisky sour or the lemon drop martini. Swapping lemons for lime cordial to make a lime cordial cocktail that is extra zingy can completely reinvent the wheel when it comes to cocktail tradition! You can upgrade a classic sidecar cocktail and swap the lemon juice for lime cordial to make a sour cocktail that is crisp, dry, and ever so slightly spicy, or you could turn that vodka lemonade into a vodka limeade!

Keep It Simple

Lime cordial is a fantastic mixer that can work just as well with sparkling or still water. When it comes to making great cocktails, you don’t need a huge number of ingredients. In fact, if you are looking for a lime cordial cocktail recipe, all you need are two great things: tequila and lime cordial! Stir it up, and add some ice and a lime wedge for garnish.

Substitute It for Lime Juice

When you are ready for cocktail time on a Friday night, but you have lime cordial in your store cupboard rather than fresh limes, you can easily use cordial as a great substitute. Lime cordial is sweeter than lime juice, but it’s more sour and bitter than lime syrup, making it a great way to upgrade your cocktails, and there’ll be some more leftover for next Friday!

In a Great Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

Cocktails taste fantastic, but they’re also full of alcohol, which is not to everyone’s taste! Anybody that’s looking for a non-alcoholic cocktail can use lime cordial in a number of fantastic recipes. You can have a virgin mojito with non-alcoholic rum, mint leaves, sparkling water, and a dash of lime cordial, or if you want something simpler, a great lime rickey is a great lime cordial cocktail for teetotallers. A lime rickey is made from freshly squeezed lime juice and syrup, but you can swap this out for lime cordial and seltzer water with some lime wedges for garnish. Fantastic in the summer!

In a Beer Cocktail

Classic Mexican cocktails like the michelada have beer as part of their recipe. The great thing about Mexican beers is they need a dash of lime juice for extra zest. Simply swap out the lime juice for lime cordial and you can make some amazing beer cocktails with lime, such as the beer margarita or chelada, which is the classic Mexican cocktail consisting of Mexican beer, salt, and lime juice.

If you are on the hunt for a lime cordial cocktail recipe that really gets your taste buds going, there are too many to choose from! Lime is a great ingredient during the summer months and when the cocktail season is truly in full swing, you will not regret having a lime cordial stocked in your pantry for such an occasion!