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Australian made and owned

Steinbok’s famous cocktails

Steinbok have a range of cocktail recipes to suit our range of schnapps and liqueurs. Simply follow our easy-guide instructions and before no time you will be making sensational cocktails for all your friends!


  • Steinbok Caprioskas

    Steinbok Caprioskas

  • Steinbok Mojitos

    Steinbok Mojitos

  • Sex on the Beach

    Sex on the Beach

  • Lychee Martini

    Lychee Martini

  • Pornstar Martini

    Pornstar Martini

  • Butterscotch Martini

    Butterscotch Martini

  • Steinbok Margaritas

    Steinbok Margaritas

  • Steinbok Daiquiris

    Steinbok Daiquiris

  • Steinbok Pina Coladas

    Steinbok Pina Coladas

  • Strawberry Mojito

    Strawberry Mojito

  • Strawberry Daiquiri

    Strawberry Daiquiri

  • Pink Fuzzy

    Pink Fuzzy

  • Steinbok Fuzzy

    Steinbok Fuzzy

  • Peaches and Dreams

    Peaches and Dreams

  • Mango Tango

    Mango Tango

  • Mango Daiquiri

    Mango Daiquiri

  • Blue Melon Bomb

    Blue Melon Bomb

  • Cosmopolitan


  • Fruit Tingle

    Fruit Tingle

  • Coldpresso Martini

    Coldpresso Martini