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White Chocolate Liqueur Drinks You Can Make At Home

White Chocolate Liqueur

The liqueur has long been a popular alcoholic beverage, and its origins are believed to date as far back as the 13th century. The original liqueur is believed to have been produced by Italian monks as medicine. The name liqueur is derived from the Latin word liquefacient, meaning ‘to make liquid, dissolve, or melt.’

As you would expect for a drink that was first invented many hundreds of years ago, the liqueur has evolved and changed a lot to become the delicious beverage that we all know and love today. Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of liqueur flavours available, and more flavour combinations are being created all the time. But what sets liqueur apart from many other varieties of alcoholic beverages is its versatility.

Liqueur can be drunk on its own, enjoyed with a mixer, or combined in cocktails to make an entirely new combination of flavours.

One especially popular flavoured liqueur is our White Chocolate Liqueur. This deliciously smooth white chocolate-flavoured liqueur provides a decadent drink when served on its own over ice. But it is equally perfect for use when experimenting with creating some delicious drinks at home. With Steinbok White Chocolate Liqueur, you will be able to create many white chocolate liqueur recipe ideas.

Passionfruit Dream

This cocktail brings together some unexpected flavour combinations, but trust us; they work together brilliantly. White chocolate and passionfruit really do create a Passionfruit Dream. Here is how to make your very own Passionfruit Dream at home:

You will need:

30ml Steinbok White Chocolate Liqueur

15ml Steinbok Passionfruit Liqueur

15ml White rum

40ml Lemon juice

Egg whites

Passionfruit pulp

How to make it:

Once you have gathered together your ingredients, you will need to start by combining the white chocolate liqueur, passionfruit liqueur, white rum, egg whites, and passionfruit pulp into a cocktail shaker.

Put the lid on your cocktail shaker and shake it for 15 seconds. Next, add some ice, and then shake it again. Strain the cocktail as you pour it into a glass. Top your cocktail with a slice of passionfruit to complete this fantastic fruity drink with a sweet chocolate taste.

Watch this recipe in action in this short video:

White Chocolate Martini

Who doesn’t love a martini? This one has the added bonus of being just perfect for chocoholics! Here’s how to make a luxuriously smooth White Chocolate Martini:

You will need:

45ml vanilla vodka

30ml Steinbok White Chocolate Liqueur

30ml cream

2 squares of white chocolate

How to make it: Pour the vodka, white chocolate liqueur, and cream into a cocktail shaker. Next, add some ice. Shake for 30 seconds to ensure that the cream combines with the rest of the ingredients. Use the strainer while pouring the white chocolate martini into a glass. Finally, shave some of the white chocolate onto the top of your indulgent drink.