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Sweet Cocktails: 5 Butterscotch Schnapps Recipes for your sweet tooth.

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As the temperatures begin to rise, it’s time to embrace the sweeter side of life with some delightful sweet cocktails. While cocktails are often associated with warm, sunny days or festive holidays, we’re here to show you that sweet cocktails are the perfect way to indulge your taste buds any time of the year.

And what better way to savor these sweet delights than with some butterscotch schnapps as the star of the show? To ignite your mixology creativity, we’ve curated 5 mouthwatering butterscotch schnapps cocktail recipes that pair perfectly with our very own Steinbok Butterscotch.

1. Homemade Butterbeer

Calling all Harry Potter fans! This cocktail is a magical treat that will transport you to the wizarding world. While Harry’s version is non-alcoholic, this grown-up twist is incredibly delicious and a breeze to make.

Simply add a 30ml measure of Steinbok Butterscotch Schnapps, fill a schooner or tankard ¾ of the way with warm soda water or cream soda, and add some whipped cream to top up the rest of the glass. Add some butterscotch syrup to drizzle the whipped cream and enjoy!

2. Creamy Butterscotch Martini

If you’re a fan of Irish cream liqueur during the sweet season, you’ll adore this delectable twist on a classic cocktail. It’s a straightforward concoction that promises a creamy, dreamy experience.

Fill a glass with ice, and add your favourite Irish cream liqueur. Add a 30ml shot (or two) of Steinbok Butterscotch Schnapps and give it a stir. Allow it to rest for one minute before you take your first sip of subtle sweetness.

3. Butterscotch and Vanilla Martini

A martini is a timeless classic, and it’s the perfect canvas for experimenting with flavors. During the sweet season, swap your usual martini for a velvety Butterscotch and Vanilla Martini, destined to become your new favorite.

In a cocktail shaker, add 30ml of Steinbok Butterscotch Schnapps, 30ml of vanilla vodka and a dash of milk, alongside a few cubes of ice. Shake until combined and pour into your favourite martini glass.

For another wintery twist, add some butterscotch schnapps to an espresso martini for a little added sweetness that’s sure to lift your spirits on these long winter nights.

4. B-28

The B-28 is a classic concoction that harmonizes various delightful flavors for a cozy and familiar taste. With hints of coffee, almond, and butterscotch, it’s like your favorite coffee’s nighttime alter ego, making it an ideal companion throughout the sweet season. You can also create a shooter version by adjusting the quantities.

For a B-28, you will need: 30ml Irish cream liqueur, 10ml coffee liqueur, 10ml amaretto and 10ml Steinbock Butterscotch Schnapps. Combine all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice, give it a thorough stir and then strain into a cocktail glass. If you want to make it even creamier, you could add a touch of whipped cream as a topping.

5. The Salted White Russian

The White Russian is a classic cocktail that hits the spot during the sweet season. Like many cream-based concoctions, it makes for an excellent after-dinner indulgence, perfect for your next soirée. This recipe gives the classic a subtle twist by introducing a touch of sea salt and rich butterscotch flavors for a drink that’s as delightful as it is visually appealing.

Winter is a fantastic time to experiment with different cocktail recipes. While you might usually opt for peach schnapps for your summer cocktails, butterscotch schnapps provides the ideal alternative for winter, presenting you with a lot of different cocktail ideas. Perfectly paired with cream bases, you’ll find plenty of different ideas to try.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy Steinbok Butterscotch Schnapps?