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Discovering the Best Flavours of Schnapps: A Guide for Cocktail Lovers


Schnapps is an incredibly popular alcoholic beverage that can be enjoyed in several ways ranging from neat drinks to frozen treats that can be paired with ice cream. However, knowing your peach schnapps from your butterscotch schnapps or cinnamon schnapps is a crucial ingredient in the recipe for upgrading your drinking experiences.

While schnapps isn’t consumed as frequently as beer or wine, it is still enjoyed by a large number of Australians. Schnapps cocktails like butterscotch schnapps cocktails are among the most popular choices. Whether you’re a seasoned schnapps drinker or a new fan of the clear spirit, here are some of the refreshing and fruity flavours that you’ll absolutely love. Cheers!

The peach schnapps cocktail

A peach schnapps cocktail is usually the first option that new fans consider, and it’s not hard to see why. The distinctly sweet and fruity taste profile makes it the perfect starting point for a host of refreshing after-dinner cocktails The light syrupy taste is extremely satisfying while an alcohol percentage of 15-25% (ours is 18%) ensures that it finds the right balance of being strong but not overwhelming.

The most common peach schnapps cocktail is Sex on the Beach, which also includes vodka and fruit juice. The cheeky concoction is sure to bring a relaxed atmosphere to any gathering. Other popular cocktails that include peach schnapps include Mexican Sunset, Kentucky Dirty, and Electric Fuzzy. Alternatively, a peach schnapps martini can be prepared for a more distinguished – yet still refreshing – vibe.

If the objective of your schnapps cocktail is to inject a fun calmness into your drinking experience, a peach schnapp cocktail is a perfect choice.

Butterscotch schnapps cocktails

Butterscotch schnapps is immensely popular due to its candy-like tastes and super smooth luxurious feelings. The extreme sweetness is the perfect way to balance a host of cocktail recipes, especially when you have the best butterscotch schnapps available. All butterscotch liqueurs deliver hints of butter and sugar to the table, allowing you to create a delicious Butterscotch Martini that’s easier to swallow than many alternatives.

The creamy kick additionally serves as the perfect addition to several drinks. A Salted Caramel White Russian combines the butterscotch schnapps with coffee liquor, vodka, salt, nutmeg and heavy cream. Other popular choices include a Butterscotch Mudslide, Butterball cocktail, and Vegas Bomb. Whether you want a super sweet cocktail or just want to take the edge off of other taste profiles, butterscotch schnapps is a winner.

This collection of recipes will also give you the opportunity to test out various mixers and glasses.

Apple schnapps cocktails

Apple sour schnapps is frequently thought of as a drink best reserved for shots. However, the unmistakable sour fruitiness can make the perfect choice for a variety of cocktails. ‘While 28% of Australians say they are drinking more cocktails in bars than in previous times, homemade cocktails are where people are more likely to get more experimental with their beverage choices. Choosing apple sour schnapps is a good choice.

Some of the most popular apple schnapps cocktails include Apple Jack, Appletini, Apple Fizz, and Emerald Isle. Meanwhile, a Piranha Bite is an easy-to-make short cocktail that combines apple, kola, and cherry liqueurs with a little orange juice. It’s a potent yet fruity mix that quenches your thirst. Whether enjoyed to get the party vibes started or achieve a chilled aura, you won’t go far wrong.

If you love the benefits of apple sour shots but would rather avoid pulling the silly face that comes after taking a shot, this is a great alternative.

The cinnamon schnapps cocktail

Cinnamon schnapps, like our 18% Firebomb, has become an increasingly popular choice for Australians in recent years and it’s not hard to see why. The blend of sweet and spicy taste notes will dazzle the taste buds. Better still, it can be added to a range of traditional cocktails to give them a new twist, as well as modern choices. Either way, the addition of cinnamon schnapps will not go unnoticed.

The Cinnamon Toast cocktail is a hot favourite, combining cinnamon schnapps with apple cider. A cinnamon stick will naturally take the spicy sweetness to even greater heights. King Cake, Cider Car, and Firebomb Martinis are all good options. Meanwhile, the Red Rudolph cocktail is just one example where cinnamon schnapps steals the show during the festive party season.

Alternatively, if you are feeling extra brave, you can turn your attention to chilli schnapps instead. It’ll certainly warm your stomach during the colder months.

The final word

As a refreshing spirit that still packs a punch, schnapps is unquestionably the perfect choice for a range of cocktails. And once you’ve found the perfect flavours, you can be sure that your cocktail recipes will be perfect for any event. Choosing quality yet affordable schnapps will provide the foundation for success.

Here at Steinbok, we stock a range of flavours including peach schnapps to liven up your cocktails. We’ll drink to that!