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Schnapps Sensations: 5 Flavorful Cocktail Recipes to Wow Your Guests


Cocktail-making can be a ton of fun. Whether you’re preparing for a party, hosting a casual gathering with loved ones, or enjoying an aperitif alone, adding cocktails to the menu will always be a winner. Yet, with all the combinations you could go for, schnapps cocktails will always be crowd-pleasers.

With incredible flavours such as peach, chilli, and butterscotch schnapps, the cocktail concoctions you can make are endless. With spicy, sour, sweet, and strong undertones, you can even create an eclectic menu to please every palette at the party. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at the schnapps flavours you need to know about to create your best cocktails yet.

Getting Creative with Schnapps Cocktails

Schnapps is a popular alcoholic drink around the world. Not only can it drink straight up with ice, but it’s a great spirit to mix up in cocktails and heighten the flavour of different drinks. With some incredible notes, it’s easy to find a style of snaps that can work with a full range of cocktail combinations you might have in mind.

Maybe you want to play around with the ever-popular butterscotch schnapps flavour to create sweet summer drinks that bring happiness with every sip. It could be that punchy peach schnapps mixed up to create a smooth cocktail is just what your occasion calls or? Or maybe a zingy peppermint schnapps will be the palette party your guests will go crazy for?

Let’s take a look at five of the best schnapps flavours for you to create your next list of cocktails.

Butterschotch Schnaps Cocktails

If you have a sweet tooth, look no further than butterscotch schnapps for your cocktail’s main ingredient. With caramel overtones, throw yourself back to Grandma’s house and her caramelised toffees when you create a butterscotch schnapps cocktail. Not only can you knock up a killer butterscotch martini with this flavour of schnapps, but other firm favourites include The Blind Russian and Cowboy Shot.

Peach Schnapps Cocktails

When it comes to ultimate winners, you know you’ve got it with a peach schnapps cocktail. Bringing out the peach schnapps is always going to go down well. Its sweet, fruity taste is both refreshing and revitalising, making it a great ingredient for summer cocktails or even to cleanse the palette. Popular cocktails choices here include a classic Peach Bellini, Sex on the Beach, a Woo Woo, and many more.

Chilli Schnapps Cocktails

If you love a drink that comes with a bite, chilli schnapps will always be your perfect ingredient. It’s insatiably smooth on the first sip and slips down with ease and neutrality. Yet, then comes the aftershock. When the backburn hits, there’s no doubt that chilli schnapps is the life and soul of the cocktail combination. A Chilli Martini is an absolute no-brainer to start off with, but other winners are a spicy Chilli Margarita with its signature tang or even a Fire & Ice.

Cinnamon Schnapps Cocktails

Looking for a Firestarter? Then look no further than cinnamon schnapps for your signature cocktail ingredient or even as a short on its own! Starting off with the fresh taste of cinnamon, this shot comes with a kick in the form of a fiery chilli backburn making it a dreamy spirit for our cinnamon schnapps cocktails. Heat lovers will always welcome the incredible Firebomb Martini as a starting point, but you can also turn to a Twisted Apple Cider or Firebomb Shot with this schnapps flavour too.

Peppermint Schnapps Cocktails

And finally, we have the ever-creamy and cooling peppermint schnapps for you to play with. It’s an incomparable flavour that is yet to meet its match. Whether you want it to work as a pre-dinner aperitif or post-dinner palette cleanser, the soothing tones of spearmint will always please. And when it comes to creating your very own peppermint schnapps cocktails, your options are endless. Why not opt for a peppermint-infused Snowflake Cocktail, Hard Peppermint Mocha, or even Candy Cane Jello Shots?

Creating a Dreamy Cocktail List for Occasions

When it comes to putting on any kind of occasion, you’ll always want to work with cocktails that wow. That’s where schnapps comes in. With distinctive flavours that are sure to wow, create a dreamy cocktail list that packs punch. With spice, sweetness, and everything in between, be sure to create something to tickle every palette at your party.