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The Top 5 Steinbok Cocktails for the Colder Months


Just because the weather is getting cold, it doesn’t mean you have to let everything be gloomy. If anything, there’s cause for celebrations, because you can finally get into some of these perfect cold-weather cocktails!

Cold weather isn’t always the time for hot drinks, and in fact, there are plenty of cold cocktails that are going to warm you right up during those winter evenings. No matter what you’re feeling, you’re sure to find the perfect cocktail to match your mood. Sweet, spicy, bitter, cold, or hot – your winter evenings can be something to look forward to when you’re making these cocktails for yourself.

Salted Butterscotch White Russian

As a favourite for many, the White Russian can be improved for the winter with the addition of Butterscotch Schnapps! While the drink is typically enjoyed as a sweet mix of coffee liquor and vodka, the contrast of the salty butterscotch can be a great addition. While many are enjoying their favourite White Russian cocktails throughout the colder months, be sure to try them out with butterscotch schnapps as well!

All you need to make it for yourself is your favourite cocktail glass, butterscotch schnapps, coffee liquor, vodka, and just a little bit of salt to make this the perfect treat to warm your evening.

Some would even argue this cocktail is even better than a dessert, so prepare your sweet tooth when you’re trying it for yourself.

Butterfinger Cocktail

If you’re looking for an even sweeter recipe for your butterscotch schnapps cocktails, why not consider making yourself a Butterfinger cocktail? The perfect after-dinner choice, this creamy and chocolatey drink is perfect if you’re looking for an adult version of a chocolate shake.

For this cocktail, you’ll need your butterscotch schnapps, Kahlua, vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and some chocolate syrup to garnish. Whether or not you want to add that chocolate syrup is completely up to you – some find it to be a little too much! To top it all off, combine all of your ingredients in a glass with ice, and stir it to mix.

If you haven’t got any Kahlua at hand, it can work just as well with any other type of coffee liqueur.

Peach Tea

Your winter cocktails don’t have to be strictly dessert based, and it’s still a great time for you try to try out some fruity drinks instead. Why not give some peach schnapps cocktails a try instead?

While it’s typically considered more of a summer-themed drink, there’s never a bad time to make yourself a Peach Tea. Sometimes it helps to remember the comforts of summer when you’re trying to warm yourself up, and Peach Tea can help you do just that.

Of course for this drink, you’ll need your peach schnapps, aged rum, cognac, cold black tea, lemon juice, and sugar syrup to top it off. Not as creamy as the last too, but certainly still sweet.

Royal Flush

What better way to stay warm during the colder months than having yourself a whiskey-based cocktail? If you’ve got some crown royal whiskey at hand, and are looking for a cocktail to make with your peach schnapps – this drink is for you.

The name does nothing to hint at what you should expect, but this cocktail pairs the oak flavours of your Crown Royal whiskey, with the fruity flavours of your cranberry juice and peach schnapps. Overall, it’s a great drink to try if you’re looking for something new.

For this, you’ll need Crown Royal whiskey, peach schnapps, 100% cranberry juice, and some simple syrup! Serve it with ice, and you’ve got yourself a great cocktail.

Butterscotch Cocoa

If there’s one drink that everyone can welcome during the winter, it’s a nice cup of hot chocolate. It’s perfect for an evening drink, and the added warmth makes it everyone’s favourite winter choice. It’s not just for kids though, and you can even take it a step further to make your own adult version with butterscotch schnapps.

It couldn’t be easier to make, too. Simply make your hot chocolate in the way you prefer it, and add your butterscotch schnapps to taste. It’s recommended at 1 ½ ozs, but it really comes down to what you want. And to finish, add your Irish cream and other toppings as you wish, and you have yourself the perfect winter cocktail.